.NET Bratislava Meetup #18

.NET Bratislava Meetup #18

Meetup is held in Slovak unless some don’t speak Slovak. In that case, we will switch to English.
.NET Bratislava Meetup is a monthly meetup organized by .NET enthusiasts in Bratislava. Learn more at https://net-ba.github.io/

📍 Agenda:
• Intro (5 min)
• Serverless applications w/ Azure Functions (50 minutes)
• Break 🍕🍺 (10 min)
• Running SQL Server in a container (50 minutes)
• Outro (5 min)
• Networking

📍 Serverless applications w/ Azure Functions by Roman Jašek

Serverless is a relatively new buzzword that spreads across the platforms. We’ll take a look at what the development „without a server“ looks like with Azure Functions. The talk will focus on the way that Azure Functions work and the possible use cases. We’ll also look at a couple of things that we’ve encountered while developing a solution using Azure Functions and what we got out of the experience.

📍 Running SQL Server in a container by Andrej Zaujec

A container is usually not the first choice where to host SQL Server. Andrej will share what he learned by doing so.

📍 Speakers:

🎤 Roman Jašek is a passionate web and mobile developer. Roman is Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio and Developer Technologies category He works for Czech company Riganti.

🎤 Andrej Zaujec is a technology enthusiast and IT Professional with 15 years of experience. Andrej is specialized in the development of reporting, analytics and BI applications for the financial industry. Andrej is the owner of ProPivot.

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