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    Are you looking for ways to earn a quick buck, without having to leave your doorstep?

    Look no more, we offer data annotation and labeling freelance work for individuals who believe that earning online is no longer just a pipedream.


    You can work from any corner of the globe, at your own time, and you don’t need to invest in anything. Bonus? The interface is user-friendly, the work is easy, stress-free, and absolutely anyone can register.


    As an executive for the Zen3Tech Crowd Project, you will be working on data sets which you will have to analyze, validate, and categorize all while following a set of guidelines to drive search engine performance and experience.


    If you’re searching for the sign-up option, then join us by following the steps below:
    Step 1 – Create an Outlook ID, then, create an account on DataMime (URL – https://app.datamime.ai/)
    Step 2 – While filling up the details on DataMime Profile page, ensure to add your Outlook ID in the secondary email field & update the Language Proficiency and Reference sections (Mandatory Step)

    Step 3 – Your account will be activated within 24-hours after registering on DataMime. Click the My Apps option on the left side panel to get started with production.

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