Senior DevOps/SysAdmin Tech Lead

    • TPP
    • Živnosť/sro
    • Bratislava
    • Plat: 3000€ - 4000€
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    • On-Site

    About the project:

    Our product Portfolio Management One – PM1 has been the technological leader in the area of wealth and asset management for 25 years. We serve global markets with clients in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, USA, Turkey, Bahrain, Singapore and Mexico, just to name a few.

    Our team keeps growing thanks to 600+ corporate clients, including 4 of the largest banks in Europe. The partner companies include Oracle, London Stock-Exchange or PWC and many medium to small asset management offices. If you are familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant (ranking of global software solutions) – the PM1 was included 5 times amongst the best products on the planet. In 2019, we received IT Gala Award for Top Product in our homeland, Slovakia.


    • team leadership experience
    • strong Linux and networking skills, experience with DevOps, virtualisation and containerisation
    • self-discipline, initiative
    • ability to find out what is the root cause of the problem, investigate deeper/wider than what has been said by somebody
    • reliability and responsibility in your tasks and promises (the systems are in live production)
    • good communication and patience with people
    • systematic approach to work
    • trustworthiness and unconditional integrity / impeccability
    • drive to achieve results and ability to work under task pressure with good mood


    • team/tech leadership, prioritisation, 2 team members
      independent work on our PM1 infrastructure ()
    • diverse tasks – maintenance of linux servers on OS level and application level, network and security monitoring and setup
    • deployment in application, on-site hosting or cloud, setting up Linuxes, firewalls, networking, maintenance, system upgrades

    Tech stack:

    • hundreds of servers – physical, private cloud and cloud, we use containerisation, virtualisation internally and on bare metal, we also have bare metal as a service
    • Linux – primarily Debian, then Ubuntu
    • virtualisation – primarily KVM a Virtualbox, OracleVM, Xen
    • containerisation – Linux-vserver, LXC a LXD

    Professional growth opportunities:

    Your role can evolve depending on your pace of learning and interests. Our team currently develops 9-10 software products and has about 625 companies as clients. Also, you will work with a variety of very experienced tech leaders, with whom you can learn with and from.

    Salary range:

    The final compensation will depend on your experience, skills and results. After your start, there is a possibility to re-negotiate your salary at any time directly with our CEO, Peter Neurath.

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