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    We are looking for a driven Frontend Developer to join our newly formed conversion rate optimization team in Košice / Bratislava. You will work on a mix of leading and emerging online casino brands for the web. You will turn ideas or concepts into A/B or multivariate tests to beat our original versions. You will be reporting to the Head of Product Design & User Research located in Vienna.

    Your responsibilities

    • Help to measurably improve pages and experiences for our online casinos
    • Work closely with internal stakeholders to turn requirements, ideas and concepts into testable experiments in the form of HTML/CSS/JS code
    • Ensure correct tracking of an experiment’s success metrics and other custom events
    • Achieve high quality code and knowledge sharing by collaborating with other developers or colleagues (code reviews, pair programming, QA)
    • Create a frontend development environment that you deem necessary to deliver code effectively and efficiently
    • Challenge, critique and contribute to current conversion rate optimization projects
    • Lead discussions relative to the future direction of frontend development practices in the Conversion Rate Optimization team

    Our expectations

    Within the first month we expect you to

    • Close any fundamental knowledge gaps in regards to implementing A/B or multivariate tests to ensure effectivity (we will provide you with any necessary trainings and resources)
    • Establish relationships with the Project Manager and Frontend Developer in Slovakia as well as the Product Design & User Research team in Austria
    • Familiarize yourself with Greentube as an organization and its products, key metrics, tools and processes
    • Collaborate with the teams in Vienna and Slovakia to start setting up workflows and processes that will ensure a delivery for high quality experiments
    • Create a development environment that lets you excel at what you do best: Producing high quality code consistently
    • Achieve the launch of a first A/B or multivariate experiment with the support of the team in Vienna

    Within three months we expect you to

    • Implement and launch multiple experiments for products based on AngularJS or VueJS that are integrated flawlessly with Google Analytics to ensure the correct tracking of key metrics and events
    • Regularly communicate with the development teams whose code you are changing when launching A/B or multivariate tests
    • Achieve high code quality by using proven methods such as code reviews and pair programming
    • Strengthen and broaden your working relationships with key stakeholders in Greentube such as product managers, designers, developers and marketing experts
    • Build a better understanding of our products and their features, key user journeys and our design and research practices

    Within a year we expect you to

    • Implement various different ideas from low to high complexity effortlessly
    • Explore A/B or multivariate testing options for mobile apps to implement first trial experiments
    • Achieve an improved and steady delivery of implemented experiments and data reports by continually refining and improving your workflows and processes based on your own observation and received feedback
    • Scale your efforts to support a larger degree of experimentation efforts matching or exceeding our previously achieved velocity (multiple tests launched for various online casinos every month)

    Our ideal candidate

    • Has 3+ years’ experience coding real world web projects
      Is proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript (including Vanilla JS, ES6+)
    • Has experience working with SPA Frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue
    • Has experience with proven concepts to create clean code and reduce bugs (QA, code reviews etc.)
    • Has experience implementing A/B or multivariate tests with the help of tools such as Maxymiser, Optimizely, Google Optimize or some equivalent
    • Has experience with VCS such as Git is a plus
    • Has excellent communication, presentation and organizational skills with a strong work ethic
    • Understands how design and research are key to measurably improve a product
    • Is passionate about creating and optimizing experiences
    • Appreciates and understands that seemingly small details like typography or copy can have large impacts
    • Has experience integrating with Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager or similar products and intermediate understanding of statistics (mean vs. average, statistical variance, etc.)
    • Is passionate about keeping up with current technology trends
    • Has experience with Agile or Lean methodologies
    • Is proficient in English to communicate with stakeholders in Greentube’s offices across Europe (Austria, UK, Malta)

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