3D and UI Software Engineer for Tools Team


    At Atomontage Slovakia we’re searching for talented visionaries to join our quest toward the inevitable volumetric future of real-time computer simulation and graphics. We’re primarily looking for software engineers willing to work closely with us in our studio located at the heart of the historical downtown of Bratislava, Slovakia. There, our team of specialists are building our first foundational products in close cooperation with some of the world’s leading technology and content companies.

    Our visionary investors include current and former executives of top video games studios, like Tommy Palm of Candy Crush fame and currently CEO of Resolution Games, Karl Magnus Troedsson, former CEO of EA/DICE, Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, now CEO of VR studio Squanch Games, Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP, makers of EVE online, and Makers Fund. They all recognized the potential of our breakthroughs and helped set up our US-based parent company, Atomontage Inc. This entity wholly owns the subsidiary Atomontage Slovakia s.r.o., where we’ve established our engineering team of world-class talent in their respective fields.

    Prominent organizations from several different industries have spontaneously approached us to explore the exciting possibilities of our volumetric technology. We are now actively working with some of them to change the way we all create and interact with 3D content, both in enterprise and entertainment. They include one of the largest video game studios in the world, one of the largest consumer retailers, one of the largest energy companies, and we’re especially excited about a secret project with one of the “Big Four” tech companies, well underway now. The thing they all have in common is that they think big and see our approach as a viable path to an inevitable paradigm shift in computer simulation and graphics: Away from a vector-based, surface-only representations, toward ordered sampling of volumetric (voxel) geometry.

    Your main responsibilities will be:

    • Designing and implementing 3D editing tools
    • Add bindings between our core C++ tech and the Lua scripting environment that glues our UI, scene manipulation, and application-specific logic together
    • Integrate and maintain an automated code documentation system
    • Build robust unit tests into our tools systems

    Required skills include being fluent in C/C++ and substantial experience in at least one of the following areas:

    • Working with and maintaining large codebases
    • Pulling separate and quite different systems and languages together
    • 3D geometry and math experience, especially related to tools
    • Designing and implementing intuitive UI/UX
    • Networking engineering, cloud computing


    We offer two different compensation programs, both featuring regular pay as well as stock options in our parent company, Atomontage Inc.:

    • “Ambition” – you’ll be awarded more stock options, traded off against lower cash compensation; total regular net pay will be about EUR 1850 (EUR 1120 for a Junior Programmer) consisting of a basic salary (základná zložka mzdy) of EUR 928 brutto and additional remuneration of about EUR 1130 netto for a Senior Programmer (EUR 400 for a Junior Programmer).
    • “Security” – if you have different personal priorities, you can instead choose to get fewer stock options with a higher total regular net pay of about EUR 2500 (EUR 1500 for a Junior Programmer) consisting of a basic salary (základná zložka mzdy) of EUR 928 brutto and additional remuneration of about EUR 1780 netto for a Senior Programmer (EUR 780 for a Junior Programmer).


    • The excitement of having an impact on the future of computer graphics
    • The opportunity to work with the biggest industry players
    • The possibility to grow in your career by building and leading your team
    • Compensation including company stock options
    • Pleasant office atmosphere, in the city center, with chill out area, kitchen, shower
    • Bike and scooter parking on the ground floor
    • Team events to celebrate success and relax after work
    • Flexible working hours and work from home when necessary
    • Bonus sick days
    • Refreshments like coffee, tea and healthy snacks
    • Employee Referral Bonus program

    If you feel interested, please submit your CV via https://www.atomontage.com/join-us-in-bratislava

    Nahraj dokumenty vo formáte (pdf, zip). Max. veľkosť súboru: 48 MB.

    Alternatívne, môžeš poslať svoj online životopis, spolu so svojimi preferenciami.